We train conscious, competent, compassionate and committed people from our responsible with our social and business environment Educational Community. Moreover we ease their transition to the labour market and their long life learning process


We enhance full personal development of the people taking part in our Educational Community. We try to be a model for the Technical Education in the Basque Country. We have an European projection and, in the same way, we are able to strengthen Christian Schools in Alava as well.


  1. Comprehensive development of the Person
  2. Community: responsible to one another, committed with our social and business environment
  3. Service means be constantly on duty facing any need in a disinterested an unselfish way
  4. Truth: transparency, ability to show how we really perform, ability to provide true and clear information, ability to avoid misleading behaviour
  5. Initiative to deal with change, give different solutions to new problems..
  6. Austerity: demand and use only the necessary materials to fulfill the agreed targets
  7. Spirituality: To live from a deep human sensibility, from an integrated life sense, from a vocation assumed as a call more than something self-imposed in a voluntarist way.